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    Shirley Temple Bar

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International Cabaret Artiste Extraordinaire TM and former child-star Shirley Temple Bar is a national treasure. And like many of our greatest national treasures, she was originally found in a ditch before she was scrubbed up and put on proud display. Her first public showing was as a contestant at the Alternative Miss Ireland in 1997. She stole the show and the crown (and a couple of handbags) before setting off on the road to stardom. Shortly after her win, Shirley established her Sunday night Bingo in The George and over one thousand shows later she's still calling the balls. Bingo with Shirley Temple Bar is the original, longest-running and best-known show on the Irish gay scene.

Initial success provoked massive media attention - tonnes of column inches, radio interviews, TV appearances and two TV documentaries devoted to Shirley and her show! Shirley also moonlighted as a TV presenter for the National Lottery game show Telly Bingo on RTE1 for four years. Despite the lure of fame and fortune, Shirley kept up her Sunday show in The George. It's her spiritual home and childhood playground. In fact, in all these years, she has rarely missed a Sunday night performance!