Phil T Gorgeous



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Mother, may I play with danger? Phil T comes with a warning ladies, it reads "dangerously Gorgeous!"

Drag king, gender illusionist, male impersonator, weirdo…. call him what you want but there's no doubt that whatever he is, Phil T. Gorgeous is ALL man……. well….. Mostly. He first swaggered across the stage in early 2004 introducing unsuspecting audiences to his own brand of drag performance and whether entertaining in the intimate surroundings of a cozy cafe, or hosting to tens of thousands at Pride events, Phil has been happily raising eyebrows both nationally and internationally ever since.

Phil has been parading his own brand of gender bending hornfusion on the George's stage since winning the first-ever Davina's Apprentice in 2011. Since then he has been a regular miscreant addition to Davina's thirsty Thursdays as well as hosting his own show on Monday nights with Bunny, Win Lose or Drag.