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Ageless beauty, drag performer, Hostess and Busybody.

Drag Queen, Bar Maid, Hostess, Confidante and All-Round Grumpy Old Bint, our Dolly has been around for quiet *cough* some time. Due to her many, many years of doing drag she is well known and established on the LGBT+ scene.

Dolly was the resident drag queen of the late Dragon Bar, she has since been rehomed here at The George (while she waits for her pension to go through) and is now our Tuesday hostess with the Dolly Grip Experience. Love a show tune? So does our Dolly, she knows more about musicals and Broadway then, well, most gays! She is our yearly Eurovision hostess with the mostest ! You can find her every week on Tuesday, sometimes Thursday and Sunday (when the dementia kicks in she tends to mix up her days bless her)