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The Dolly Grip Experience!

The Dolly Grip Experience

Having secured the secret to eternal beauty (or at least how to use a trowel with make-up) Dolly has now turned her attention to educating the masses about her love of old school musicals, Madonna and why she will always be better than any of the contestants on Ru Pauls Drag Race.

After she has sent her Grippette minions, Bambi, Alexis and Sophia, off searching the crowd for the hottest bottom to sacrifice at her feet, Dolly invites you the lowly customer to come up on stage and Lip sync for your life (and the chance to win a drinks voucher).

DJ Karen helms the decks after Dolly has hobbled off the stage with some of the sexiest dancers in Dublin shaking their asses on the dancefloor, as well as giving out free shots to continue the debauchery of the Dolly Grip Experience well into the night.

Opening Hours
2:00pm - 2.30am