The George


Thursty Thursdays!

Davina will leave you thirsting for more after her show!

Davina hosts her weekly show, Thirsty Thursday, with a glittering cast of drag creatures, including regular Haus of Devine off shoots, Phil T Gorgeous and Chantelle Perez, to ease you into a false sense of security. Davina quenches every thirst, with more high kicking, hair whipping, shade throwing and shot downing than you should humanly take pre-weekend. In Davina’s words the glass should never be half anything, and always kept full to the brim as she worships at the altar of Sambuca. That might explain her progressively unladylike manner as she dances and carries on throughout the evening. Luckily Lady Laura Platinum Connor Behan is there to throw a cape over her once she collapses in a corner and keep the decks spinning till the early hours.

Opening Hours
2:00pm - 02:30am

FREE all night