The George


Glitter Bomb

Politically Fabulous!!

Join us this Friday to help us celebrate Glitterbomb with Dj Mo and DJ Davina Devine. Free in before 10pm €5 before midnight €8 after. Proudly supporting Dublin Pride

Welcome to the sparkling politically fabulous world of Glitter Bomb!!

A night like no other you have seen before!

The night promises to add that touch of sparkle your life has been missing all these years. The Glitteratti, will be there throughout the night, enticing you with all manner of glittertastic delights ensuring your night shines brighter than a diamond in your memories. DJ Mo will be blasting out hit after hit all night long.



So add that bit of sparkle to your life and GLITTER BOMB!!!!          


Opening Hours
2.00pm - 2:30am

Free before 10pm €5 till midnight and €8 after midnight