The George


Glitter Bomb

Politically Fabulous!!

After a long week stuck behind your desk while your tie does its best impression of a boa constrictor, the tiny dancer inside of you wants to break free and what better way to do it than covered in glitter, surrounded by hot sexy half naked dancers who will supply you with free shots? If this sounds like your cup of tea then Glitterbomb is right up your alley.

The night kicks off at 10pm when DJ Davina hits the decks to bring you her mashed up infusion of pop hits certain to dust away the cobwebs from your dancing shoes. She is followed by DJ Mo who cranks it up a notch ensuring you will wake up in the morning and realise that you are now the lord of the dance after all the shapes you were throwing on the dancefloor. If you don’t have time to obsessively watch you tube videos of all the latest dance moves while you skive off work, our team of sexy Glitterati dancers will be more than happy to show you how it’s done,(just try not to lose concentration as you ogle their half-naked bodies as they reward you with free shots).

Opening Hours
2.00pm - 2:30am

Free before 10pm €5 till midnight and €8 after midnight