The George


SaturGays & Beauty Spot Karaoke

Poptastic and cringeworthy Karaoke!

Party and play every Saturgay with Davina, Veda and Connor. Saturgays is all T, all shade, all drama and all anthems. Veda and Davina are notorious bullies, they delight the audience as they jokingly tease the often terrified singers who take the stage after submitting their song to our digital database for worldwide warblers. After enough people have humiliated themselves in front of friends and family the stage is cleared for every Britney and Whitney wannabee to show off their dance moves, with Davina, Veda and Connor playing a big dose of pop, all thrillers no fillers.


Opening Hours
2:00pm - 2:30am

FREE before 10pm. €10 after