The George


SUNDAY 17 MAR 2013
Shirley's Early Paddy's Day Hooley!

Earlier Start time of 6 O'clock!

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday this year and, mainly because I don’t fancy swimming to The George through a river of wee and vomit, we’re putting on our show at the earlier - and hopefully more sober – time of 6pm. We’ll be full of nationalistic pride and celebrating all the ways there are to be Irish, including not Irish at all… I’ll have Irish dancing cailíní and bodhrán-slapping lesbians as well as a bunch of my favourite ladies. We will stir up such emotions in you that you’ll want to give up your life for your country (or just kill yourself).

Opening Hours
2:00pm - 3.00am

Free before 7, €10 after